Bring The Right Stuff…to Your DOT/CDL Exam

When an appointment is made we’ll send out a confirmation email stating what the driver has to bring to their DOT physical exam.

This will include:

  • Wear your prescription glasses or if you use contacts wear them
  • If you use a hearing aid…wear it.
  • A list of your medications you are taking, the strength & dosage along with the prescribing health care providers info
  • And of course bring your drivers license.

Day of the Exam…

Don’t Worry…no studying required!

On the day of the physical exam the driver will be asked to fill out a health history form which he/she can even fill out before their appointment…we’ll send an email out with the link that they can print from their computer.

And remember to drink a glass of water before your exam…you’ll have to pee because we make it as easy 1-2-3 when taking you next DOT physical exam